is every bit worthy of its Greek namesake. The dramatically undersized top and bottom edges create a cask shape which acts like a tympani drum, creating the purest of overtones, while remaining easily controllable. No two raw, raw lacquer or dark vintage drums are alike. The strainer is a Trick Drums Multistep strainer for precise snare control and the single point solid brass lugs allow the shell to resonate freely.
The acoustically neutral nature of the copper shell makes it an ideal studio drum.

Each Schagerl Persephone Snare Drum ships with a custom padded soft carry case and velvet bag for storage and polishing.



14“ x 5“
14“ x 6,5“
14″ x 8″   #NEW

0,8 mm / copper

SD – mod. TrickDrums Multistep (black)

Hardware Material: 
SD single contact point heavy brass tube lugs 10 pcs.

2,3 mm triple flanged brass plated steel hoops
2,3mm triple flanged black nickel plated steel hoops


  • raw*
  • raw lacquered*
  • brushed lacquered
  • dark vintage*  #NEW

*No two raw or dark vintage finish drums are alike.

::: Each drum includes a custom padded soft case with a drawstring velvet bag/polishing cloth.


::: Testbericht d&p 5/14 – Modell Antares & Persephone

words by Matt Lipstein @ Chuck Levins Music Store