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Academica TP-500L / TP-500GM

Academica TP-500L_kl

Just Play!

With a trombone of the ACADEMICA 500 series, it´s really fun to make music! Easy play, open sound and excellent workmanship features these series.

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Academica TP-350G / TP-450G

Academica 350G_450G_kl

Get trombonized...

The trombone models TB-350G und TB-450G are great for all around playing and provide excellent intonation, response and rich sound.

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Academica Signature "MNOZIL BRASS"

Academica Signature - Modell Mnozil Brass - web

ACADEMICA Deluxe: The new Signature „MNOZIL BRASS"

A new trombone from the Schagerl Academica Series makes its appearance: the "Mnozil Brass" model, developed in close collaboration with the trombonists of Mnozil Brass.

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Academica Signature "JAMES MORRISON"

Academica Signature - Modell  James Morrison - web

ACADEMICA Deluxe: The new Signature „JAMES MORRISON"

This new „James Morrison“ trombone was made in cooperation with multi-instrumentalist James Morrison.

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