Orchestral Snare Drum – Rührtrommel is a 7-piece hybrid copper (SF-Cu soft) shell consisting of a curved shell at the top and bottom and a cylindrical shell in the middle to create a tympani effect with remarkable resonance and deeply harmonic overtone.

The SD modified TrickDrums multi-step Strainer allows for precise tension adjustments making the Philharmonic Drum suitable for orchestral work. The raw finished copper shell will retain its gorgeous looks.



  • 14″ x 14″


  • 0,8 mm copper (SF-Cu soft) –  three piece mixed shell / curved shell @ top and bottom, cylindrical shell in the middle

Strainer / Buttend:

  • Schagerl – modified TrickDrums multistep strainer with string adapter for 10 str.
  • Schagerl solid brass buttend –  individual Tension

Snare Wires:

  • Standard Dresden strings, 10 pcs.


  • Kalfo Super Timpani (calf)
  • Sonnberg TM  (goat)
  • Remo Renaissance Ambassador
  • or the head of your choice


  • Schagerl separated single contact solid brass tube lugs 10 pcs / 20 pcs.


  • 2,3 mm triple flanged brass plated steel hoops
  • single flanged raw brass hoops with claws


  • raw*

*Every shell looks different in raw. No two shells are alike.