The Philharmonic Series is a selection of Snare Drums fine-tuned to the requirements of orchestras and classical percussionists worldwide.

The drums are available in 14”, three different depths and in the materials brass or copper.

The modified multi-step Trick Drums strainer allows for precise tension adjustments making the Philharmonic Drum suitable for orchestral work. The Schagerl Drums 5-piece shell itself is dramatically undersized at the top and the bottom to create a tympani effect with remarkable resonance. The raw finished, lacquered or patinated brass and copper shells will retain its gorgeous looks. No two Schagerl drums are alike.

Each Schagerl Philharmonic Snare Drum ships with a velvet bag.

Read more about the different models below.



  • 14“ x 5”
  • 14“ x 6,5“
  • 14″ x 8″

 Shells – Schagerl Drums 5-piece curved shell

  • 0,7 mm / Yellow Brass
  • 0,8mm / Copper

Strainer / Buttend:

  • Schagerl – modified TrickDrums multistep strainer with string adapter for 10 str.
  • Schagerl solid brass buttend – individual Tension
  • or
  • Schagerl – modified and gold lacquered Pearl Triad Strainer with buttend

Snare Wires:

  • Standard Dresden strings, 10 pcs.
  • Orchestra brilliant strings, 10 pcs.
  • also possible to mix or combine with SD snappy snare wires


  • Schagerl single contact solid brass tube lugs 10 pcs.


  • 2,3 mm triple flanged brass plated steel hoops
  • 3mm solid brass hoops


  • Kalfo Super Timpani (calf)
  • Sonnberg TM (goat)
  • Evans Orchestral coated
  • or the head of your choice


  • raw*
  • raw lacquered*
  • dark vintage*
  • nickel over brass NOB

*No two raw shells are alike.


Each drum includes a drawstring velvet bag.