Massimo Russo, was born in Gallarate, Italy.b
He is known all over the world as a drummer with great technique and versatility. He’s got the Diploma in Classical Percussions in Italy with the highest marks. He is also known as Teacher and he did many Masterclasses all over the world like: UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, USA, Italy, China.

Massimo is the only Italian Drummer to be Representative of the Teacher Dom Famularo.
Dom Famularo is known as one of the greatest drum teacher in the World and Massimo teaches his Method called Wizdom Drumshed. Massimo is the Owner of a big Drum Academy in south Italy that is the only Academy related with the Dom Famularo Drum Method.
Massimo and Dom togheter wrote the Odd Feelings Book which was awarded as the best drum book in 2013 in France.

Massimo played and plays all kind of music style:
Jazz, LatinJazz, Rock, Pop, Balcanica, Classica, Funk, Soul, Cubano, Brazilian Electronic,
Jungle, Drum’n’ Bass, Fusion.
He also plays Classic Percussions like Marimba,Vibraphone and Latin Percussion like
Congas, Timbales, Bongos .
He is also Arranger and Composer.
Massimo has been on stage with many Famous
Drummers like:
Dom Famularo
Benny Greb
Vera Figueredo
Damien Schmitt
Pete Lockett
Eric Moore
Cliff Almond
Kim Plainfield
Phil Maturano
Corrado Bertonazzi
Bruno Farinelli
Roberto Gualdi

Brands and Endorsement
Massimo is Endorser for:
Sabian cymbals
Vater sticks
Huaxin Electronic Drums
SmartPack Compatc Drums
Pkv Cables
Schagerl Drums


  • Schagerl Snare Drum: Antares 14×5 Patina
  • Schagerl Custom Series Snare Drums: 12×5 & 13×5 – Patina
  • Schagerl Drum Set: 10×8 /16×16 / 20×18 Finish: Patina – Gold
  • Italy