Schagerl Drums Day

15. Dezember 2023

The legendary drummer Peter Erskine returned to Mank after 30 years for our Schagerl Drum Day.
The highlight was the presentation of the latest drum models „Beaver“, „Hornet“ and „Flat B(r)ass“. These innovative designs attracted great attention and once again showed why Schagerl is considered a pioneer in instrument manufacturing.

Highlights of the day were the captivating drum performances by Peter Erskine and Walter Grassmann. Both artists demonstrated their exceptional talent and immersed the audience in the world of professional drumming.

Another experience was the workshop tour through Schagerl’s drum manufacturing facility. Visitors were able to gain insights into the craftsmanship and attention to detail that flows into every Schagerl drum.

The event concluded with a masterclass by Peter Erskine at the Acht Millimeter Cinema in Mank. Here, the world-famous drummer shared his knowledge and experience, an unforgettable experience for all participants.

The Schagerl Drum Day was not only a tribute to the art of drumming, but also to the craftsmanship in Austria.

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New Snare Drum Model :: HORNET ::

27. März 2023

Introducing the latest addition to the Schagerl Drums family – the Hornet. This new snare drum series boasts a piccolo size of 12”x3” and a flat design that’s both striking and practical.

The Hornet’s fat sound is impressive, giving you an incredible range of tonal options. Not to mention, the drum’s gorgeous look is truly one of a kind, with a patina finish that gives it a vintage feel.

Schagerl Drums is a well-known name in the drumming industry, and the Hornet is just one more example of their commitment to excellence. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, this snare drum is sure to impress. So upgrade your kit today and experience the incredible sound of the Hornet!

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Schagerl Snaredrum Finish zum 50. Geburtstag

20. Juni 2022

Anlässlich seines 50. Geburtstag haben wir unseren guten Freund Sigi Meier seine Schagerl Snare Drum (Seriennummer 001) mit einem vintage finish vollendet! Diese haben wir am Samstag in Wien persönlich überreicht!

Das Schagerl-Team wünscht dir alles Gute und weiterhin viel Freude!

geboren 1972 in Scheibbs
Ausbildung und Lehrtätigkeit:
Erster Schlagzeugunterricht mit 10 Jahren

Studium am Konservatorium der Stadt Wien in den Konzertfächern Jazzschlagzeug bei Walter Grassmann und Percussion bei Anton Mühlhofer sowie IGP-Studium;
Abschluss mit staatlicher Lehrbefähigungsprüfung

Tätig als Schlagzeuglehrer in der Joe Zawinul Musikschule / Gumpoldskirchen

Liveauftritte mit:
Hallucination Company, The Hallucination Beat Bones, Drahdiwaberl, Löwenherz, Mario Adretti, Harri Stojka, Uli Bäer, Andi Baum, Bill Ramsey, Hansi Lang, Peter Rapp, Horst Chmela, Gus Backus, etc.


New Snare Drum Model :: GoldBrass ::

14. Februar 2020

At Namm Show 2020 (CA) we released our brand new snare drum line » GoldBrass

„In balance between brass and copper“

Gold brass is an alloy with more copper proportions than brass.The typical Schagerl® Drums shell itself is dramtically undersized at top and the bottom to create a controlled, tight tone with remarkable resonance and deeply harmonic overtone.

Adorned with raw single flanged brass hoops, the GoldBrass evokes images of a 50´s vintage style snare drum while retaining a subtle elegance.The Trick Drums multi-step strainer allows for precise tension adjustments making the GoldBrass suitable for conventional kit playing as well as orchestral work..

A raw finished GoldBrass snare will retain its gorgeous look due oil wax sealing.

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Schagerl Artist – PATRICK DANAO – with his new Drum Set!

29. Mai 2018
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Schagerl Artist – PATRICK DANAO – with his new Schagerl Drum Set in Dark Vintage Finish!

Patrick Earl Danao

Patrick “Patty” Danao began his love affair with music at an early age when he was placed on the throne of his fathers drum kit at 11 months old. Since then he hasn’t looked back having traveled the world and performed with the likes of James Morrison, Wycliffe Gordon, Jeff Clayton, Marian Petrescu, Kate Ceberano, Darren Percival, Brian Kellock, Joe Chindamo, Troy Roberts and many more. Now 21, Patrick is regarded as one of Australia’s best up and coming drummers… read more


Welcome to Schagerl Drums!

4. Mai 2018
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Play different. Think brass. Welcome to our new Website!

We’ve made some big steps forward and our website isn’t the only thing that got a new look 😉

As you can see we extended our product range (Philharmonic Snare Drum, Snare Wires, Bags,…), our Schagerl Drums Artists line up and you can find a list of Schagerl Drums Dealers from all around the world (more coming soon…)!

During the next weeks Video & Sound-Samples of our products will follow – so stay tuned!

Play different. Think brass.