„In balance between brass and copper“

Gold brass, also known as TOMBAK, is an alloy with more copper proportions than brass.

The typical Schagerl® Drums shell itself is dramtically undersized at top and the bottom to create a controlled, tight tone with remarkable resonance and deeply harmonic overtone.

Adorned with raw single flanged brass hoops, the GoldBrass evokes images of a 50´s vintage style snare drum while retaining a subtle elegance.

The Trick Drums multi-step strainer allows for precise tension adjustments making the GoldBrass suitable for conventional kit playing as well as orchestral work..

A raw finished GoldBrass snare will retain its gorgeous look due oil wax sealing.

No two Schagerl® raw finish drums are alike.



  • 14“ x 5“
  • 14“ x 6,5“

Shell – Schagerl Drums 5-piece curved shell:

  • 0,8 mm / Tombak (gold brass MS85)


  • Schagerl – modified TrickDrums Multistep (gold)

Snare Wires:

  • Schagerl – custom snappy snare wire 14 str. SDB1414


  • Schagerl single contact solid brass tube lugs 10 pcs.


  • single flanged brass hoops raw with claws


  • raw* (oil sealed**)

*No two raw drums are alike.

** The oil sealing procedure on raw finished drums slows down the natural patina process but doesn´t provent it. It gives a matte, shiny look.


:: Each drum includes a drawstring velvet bag ::