Our Brass Bongos (BB´s) are 100% in-house manufactured in its Schagerl highest quality standard.

Bring some spice into your drum playing!


Size: 6″x5″ and 8″x5″

Shell: 0.8 mm / brass (MS63, F30 soft)

Lugs: Schagerl solid brass tube lugs

Hoops: triple flanged steel hoops (chrome / gold / black nickel)

Mounting: brackets – L-rod mounting incl.


  • raw* (oil sealed**)
  • raw lacquered* (clear coating)
  • dark vintage* (patina + clear coating)
  • patina* (SD custom patina + oil sealed) #new


*No two raw, raw lacquered, dark vintage or patina shells are alike.

** The oil sealing procedure on raw finished drums slows down the natural patina process but doesn´t provent it. It gives a matte, shiny look.


:: videos and sound samples coming soon ::

20200422-20200422-DSCF0381 - Schagerl Drums - April 2020